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Last Night In Dakar (Nizlopi)

Nagadef je suis Mamadou I love Africa But I’m leaving her Tomorrow morning The way is hard Many people drown Off the pirouge To Barcelona We Wanna make good money Bring it back And Live a good life Here with our family And my mother is crying But like 50 Cent I’m gonna “get rich Or die tryin” ‘Cos it’s my last night in Dakar It’s my last night in Dakar Ooooooooh It’s my last night in Dakar ooooooooh And I think of Miriam She’s my dancing Queen But now I’ll only get to see he In my Dreams And I love my friends, Titi, Iebe and Onzuo, If I get back they’ll say “hey Mamadou You’re such a big man You made such a living And now you can spend Your whole life giving” HEY! HEY! Hold me, ‘cos I’m going out to sea Hold me, ‘cos I’m scared as I can be…