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Part Of Me (Nizlopi)

One winter I got so down I could not face the day Cycling to my girlfriends house I wanted the 151 to smash my life away I had this terror running through me that I thought would never end And one fine looking, loving, slightly mental girlfriend And the house was damp And my best friend wouldn't really talk to me I thought if I do turn out to be Then this life is over for me Would my friends still be my friends? Would my parents accept me? Sometimes it's pretty frightening To wonder what you might be... Yeah I loved her smiling soul And our lovers poetry And I loved her "double-D" Long legged beautiful body I loved waking my soul Fulfilled like the sun In her arms there's was a great peace That is the goal of everyone But after the honeymoon there comes The tears and the late nights Once you realise you love her She will turn out the lights She said you've got a real feminine side You'll make me sick if you're that way Man I was just so frightened That I would turn out to be gay But part of me is gay Part of you is gay Part of God is gay Part of love is gay And my girlfriend by the way Part of her is gay Part of me is Part of my Dad is gay And George Bush, Tony Blair, Eminem and Dr Dre Putin, Sarcozy and Arnold Schwarzenegger by the way Amy Winehouse, Margaret Thatcher and the Pope would have to say If they were all quite honest That part of them is gay