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Frozenthal (Rootwater)

Heartless wind, whisper's breath for a while, frozen world now you can see your life like a board game it's one such a chance for a lifetime the figures looks real but they are not you can be whoever you want Life gets better when I leave all constraining rules and laws now I can do everything what I need , what I want Why do you look at me so weird? You'll not hinder me at all It's high time to move back until you're not an enemy vision in my head that's the reason why... vision in my head and now there's a lot of things to do and you can fall down from the high to check maybe you're like an angel – you can fly... unusual …? de puta madre ... try to take my point of view there is no other way , stop barking like a filthy dog this way you're my enemy vision in my head it's the reason why... vision in my head (un, dos, tres, joder ! ) it's enough for me, it's enough for... it's enough for me, it's enough for … need anybody? need anybody? need anybody? to live, to live Time to see all in the raw to Realize, all what you've seen was illusion understand, the dream is a dream, grave for dead and life for living real life is rich enough you don't need to escape from here to illusions