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Know Your Enemy (Code)

Know your enemy Its inside of you Inside of me Know your enemy... The clock is ticking like a time bomb in the mind Of the people who's rebel hearts cry out to break The ties that bind desperate times to the human Spirit in us all watch it fall light the fuse let it begin! We are the people We are the time bomb picket line Revolution, A revolution forged and redefined With our minds with our hearts not shackled hands Born to care not to kill To help our fellow man and so we stand Hand in hand and in solidarity To know the truth, Know yourself, and know... Know your enemy And we're like fuses like candles burning at both ends In the darkness in this madness lies another means to an end But I contend that the human spirit in us all Will stand tall... light the fuse let it begin! So take these words tear them down they don't mean anything If we don't act on our ideas than they're just words we sing Fuck your rhetoric of reason your banner and your plea 'Til you know the truth, know yourself, and know... Know your enemy