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I've Got A Story (Wells Mary)

I've got a story (story) I've got a story that I wanna tell you I've got a story about a boy I know Who gave all his love to a girl I know & said that she wouldn't have to worry No more (no more) no more (no more) Now he was so faithful (faithful) Really faithful to his love you see ee But she was so ungrateful When she took his love & went out every night With some other guy; she knew that wasn't right Now she's sorry But it's too late, oh it's much too late (too late) When he left her she cried Tears fell from her eyes Had she known she loved him so She never would have let him go Now it was me (me) It was me who lost a real true lover So you see If you've got a love that's really true to you From my story, you know just what to do You'd better love him or treat him good or treat him right Hold him tight, talk to him right, all day & night fade