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I Don't Care About You (Cody Johnson)

Here's the truth, I refuse to argue with you baby can't tell you what to do but I'm not some johnny come late So there's the door you can walk right through Cause tonight I don't care about losing you Oh tonight I don't care about trying to make things right and I'm just not in the mood and I'm damn sure not gonna fight tonight and if this is some kind of premonition of how it's gonna be with you I'm out, I'm done baby I'm through 'cause tonight I don't care about you So there it is, that's all that needs to be said baby I don't care about your friends and what they seem to think that you need lately If you don't want to believe me, I guess I'm every bit of the jerk that you say I am but tonight I don't give a damn Well it's not to say that tomorrow morning I won't change my mind but tonight you better listen to my warning I need a little time there it is that's all that needs to be said baby