Scum Infestation And Last Song (Wormrot)

Scum infestation Natural catastrophe Is this what we really f**king need Squeeling and shit Trying to be grim Mindless f**king chicks All around Trendy wankers squeeling spree Fuck your scene, outcast society ....... Getting caught up in the wrong crowd Spreading violence future freaks Wasting away, will it change, cannot be replace The human waste What the f**k are you thinking? We dont give a f**king shit All the shit we have been through Timeless act we have made it through You have not seen the history of us Going through rough time, innerself decline The power of grind mind, we still unite You all can f**koff now Time has passed, still standing strong Time has passed, we have made it through Stuck in time? Well f**k you Fuck your views, f**k you too Grinding again, it will never ends Time has passed still standing strong