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Úniková místnost Vlaková loupež

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Diabolic Voices (Unanimated)

Nightside! Endless nightside! Abode of... without end Through the blood, A naked sorcery. I journey into, Your mystery! I call on this lust That all ye who serve god's fear, In the darkness. I hear them clear. Voices! Voices from the darkness! So far beyond! So far beyond! In dogs. We are calling: Play dead! Play fallen! The cursed ones. The enemy. From the dark, They are calling me! Possessed, As in entranced. Demons, Malformations. Black words, They want the attention. Black death, In no dimensions. To all of those, Whose hearts beat to follow, But to oppose. In dogs. We are calling: Be dead! They've fallen! The cursed ones. The enemy. From the dark, We are calling thee. I shake and I tremble, Not with fear but pride. As i raise my blade, Towards the sky, To curse the world. And all it's ways. That soon shall meet, In flaming fate. F(h)ate!