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Fire Storm (Unanimated)

Into the blackness I fall Visions so dark in my mind they call Chaos scream chaos dream in my Voyage through the flames Into my flesh they crawl Emotional lust to taste the sin Claws tearing through my soul I Cried take me down to hell... Wickedness by my side Sin and lust bow down before me Storms of fire takes me away... I fall from above Through the sky Thrown away Into the blackness Black jaws hunts me through the Halls of never ending pain In pain of the realways to my Voyage through the flames Calls of rise in my glaceless Fallen ways Into the storms screams pull out my eyes Black roars hunts me to the Halls of never ending flames A flame full of fire in stillness But cold as night I shall remember the cold in my Soul forever more As the storms screams and takes My heart bleeding away...