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Attack Attack (Tokyo Blade)

[Boulton/Marsh] Sunrise, another day, smile on a killer's face Strikes terror through the heart, all's lost without a trace Pressure high at overload, fever pitch, it's gonna blow They're closing in, the time is short Somebody's gonna steal the show A game of chance, the stakes are high Spin the wheel, the ball will ride No escape, no return Squeeze the trigger, it's time to die Power mad, the path is set Can anybody tame this land Terror deals destruction Are we gonna change this hand Make a stand, the charge begins One step from genocide And everybody's screaming why It's hard to tell who's on your side [Chorus] Attack, attack Until there's no one left to fight Attack, attack My gun is ready to explode Attack, attack until there's no one left to fight attack, attack my gun is ready to explode [Solo] [Repeat chorus]