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Boyz Will Be Boyz (Tokyo Blade)

[Boulton/Marsh] Run your hands way down your body Oh yeah you know you're feeling the thrill Every night out on the town You know that you're dressed to kill Every move that you make I think I'm falling in love I don't need no medication, no designer drugs 'Cos when I look at you I feel your body talk [Bridge] Me and the boys going wild in the streets Looking for some back street love Watching high heeled girls wearing teasing smiles We all play the fool in the name of love [Chorus] Don't need no doctor, no medicine man Naughty naughty, boyz will be boyz Slow and easy, fast and smooth Naughty naughty, boyz will be boyz Oh its a no win situation, we're all born with this addiction Oh don't need no provocation Just cant live without that body friction You silhouette is kicking You make me feel so proud