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On Through The Night (Tokyo Blade)

[Boulton/Marsh] The time has come for you to go Always knew that this day would come soon Reality is knocking on your door You hope to awaken to a dream Scream like a child, lying still, it cannot be changed Look in your eyes, cold as ice, a heart made of steel [Chorus] In the dark of the night In the light of the day Sadness in your lonely stare Something chills you inside On through the night into the twilight world On through the night into the twilight world Shadows close in, your time here is short It's time to reflect on your life Can't change your mind, there's only one way Your spirit starts slipping away A voice from inside screams out "Why, tell me why I must die" The end, it is near, and a tear fills your eye [Chorus] It's over and over again [Solo] [Chorus] It's over and over again Over again, over again