Dream Dictator (Skelator)

Turing off the highway, neon lights beside you, watching out... Twitching in her nightgown, sleeping right beside you, passing out... Lurking in the shadows, creeping up behind you, in your mind "You are mine" Distorting all the facts and figures, taking all your hopes and dreams away... to yesterday He fills your head with pain and lies Fear, failure and cries He comes to steal the rainbows from your eyes He'll make you see black and white He's the Dream Dictator Dream Dictator He comes to steal your mind He comes to enslave your kind You've got to keep the dream inside you, never let it out Even if the takes over your soul Hatred is the fire igniting your desire, let it out, scream and shout! Chasing down your freedoms, breaking down his kingdom, we are proud! He's gonna make you fade away