Night Stalker (Skelator)

I stalk the night, a disciple of Satan You start to panic, as the terror sets in Rape, murder, The smell of death in the air Sodomization, the horror of it is too much to bear Pentagram, the sign of the devil is on the wall It reigns above, the body disemboweled (Chorus) Stalker in the Night Stalker in the Night Stalker in the Night Night Stalker Demonic rage, flows through my veins Voices in my head, compel me to bring you pain You lock the doors, but somehow I'll get in My unstable mind, drives me to commit this sin Sadist, with every kill I please my master more Satan, It is be whom I do this for (Chorus) "I am beyond good and evil Legions of the night night breed repeat the errors of the Night Prowler and show no mercy. For I will be avenged Lucifer dwells within us all..." Tie you up Against the bed Torture you With electrical chords Raping you Soon you'll be dead Mutilating you With a machete Killing you In every possible way DIE!!! (Chorus x4)