Rubble and Ash (Skelator)

Elric: "Arioch, Arioch! I give you blood and souls, aid me now, og evil one!" Yyrkoon you fiend, die by my sword You'll be sent to limbo, I'll have your soul Your blood is gushing, it falls to the floor Stormibringer is calling, watch it take its toll DIE, DIE DIE... DIE!!! Your city is burning, it turns into ash I am your destroyer, now feel my wrath I cry for my people, I cry for my race I cry for Cymoril, I cry from disgrace DIE, DIE DIE... DIE!!! We fly into the sky so high The last of the Dragonlords We seek his head for our revenge Elric the Kinslayer On the horizon I see the dragons I cast a spell to summon the winds Leaving my armies to die at their will I am forsaken their blood I have spilled DIE, DIE DIE... DIE!!!