The Skelatorian Manifesto (Skelator)

God of Metal, God of Thunder Gods of Glory, Gods of Honor We call upon thee to reveal our true Master For we are Peril, surrounded by disaster The Human Plague has reached it's peak For Hypocrisy is all they speak Truth has no meaning, why live anymore? We raise our swords high; we wear our armor We Declare war on Humanity We Declare war on Christianity We Declare war on all things False But what is this, he is here Our Savior, the King of Fear Riding Pantbor with his Staff held high Lightning strikes, be yells his battle cry "Give Me Metal of Give Me Death" We The Warrior's of Genocide will do his every command For those who Defy him they will die by his hand He will defile, He will prevail Behold his Red Omen, behold his prophecy For once it is completed, Good rid of Humanity ALL PRAISE THE MIGHTY SKELATOR!!!!