Wrath upon the Cross (Skelator)

(Chorus) Wrath, Wrath Wrath Upon the Cross to make you bow to true lord Wrath, Wrath Wrath Upon the Cross For our majesty Skelator Dead angels scattered, upon the holy battleground Their wings set on fire, and your cross will go down Your nuns start to quiver as they tremble with lust Beheading the priests, for Skelator we must! We take your gates of pearl, and turn them to into metal Then you will realize, we're worse than the devil! (Chorus) She Ra! Your pleasure source, I will feed She Ra! Meet my demon seed She Ra! Behold my instrument of lust She Ra! Make you my slave, I must! He Man! There is no use to resist He Man! I Skelator, rule with a fist He Man! The guardians of Greyskull will never win! He Man! I'll rule the world with mayhem and sin!