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One Star Falling (Planet P Project)

Can a man be really sure of his spot Can he hold on to the little that he thinks he's got Can he look around him and trust what he sees Can a woman be sure she'll still have a hime When the whole world leaves here all alone Will she wake up with the flood around her knees Is there one star falling? One star falling I see a man in a little back room The shades are drawn and in the gloom I see him on the floor with his head in his hands Now he rises up with a vacant stare As the camera fades and leaves him there But still the image remains of a broken man Needing one star falling One star falling So close your eyes and rest your head Turn off the tv and go to bed Will it still be there when you wake up Cause danger rides on the wind tonight Reason flickers like candlelight So look up to the sky and wish for luck Wish for one star falling Is there one star falling?