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This Is Heaven (Planet P Project)

I came here from the battlefield in 1946 Built my home from brick and steel Not from stones and sticks Three strong booming babies A job and a wife Barbeque and television A wonderful life Woah, woah - heaven Woah, woah - heaven Jackie broke the color line Man that kid could play Charlie and the indochine Were still light-years away Woah, woah - heaven Woah, woah - heaven On the road with jack and neil The wheels go round and round Drunken joe mcCarthy keeps his ear pressed to the ground Woah, woah - heaven Woah, woah, this is heaven For a while the tradtitional system of authority held For a while, all was calm. For a while... You and I will watch the sky Lock the doors at night And if the kids learn duck and cover Everything will be all right