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Top Of The World (Planet P Project)

Dawn comes and you're up You drink a fast cup Don't keep them waiting All systems are go Far down below Morning is breaking And you're ready You know the routine You suit up and you board your machine As all over the world Eyes are glued to the video screens There's a hole in the clouds When you look up tonight A window that beckons you Toward the moonlight The tower counts down And the moment is right You take a deep breath But your chest still goes tight Alone at the top of the world Day turns into night Turns back to day Twice on the hour You're far from it now Light years away Thin streams of power Rumbling under your feet Eagle leaps from the concrete And the lines fly away As the pad crumbles under the heat There's a hole in the clouds... Armageddon There's and edge to the wind Cutting into my skin And the air's like an icicle As the night starts to fall And there's no one around My ears strain for a sound As I search through these canyons So cold and so tall Armageddon Oh, no Armageddon Came too soon In this city so proud Full of noises and crowds This once was a monument Now it's a grave And they warned us about When reason gave out Now it's too late for miracles There's nothing to save Armageddon Armageddon Came too soon