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Vile Ritual (Zyklon)

Recite the unspoken A manifest of the Great Self A solid faith in what you can accomplish A supreme vision of capability An arcane text Describing an outrageous test Too bold the modern ones would say You can always pray A vile ritual bleeding Like a spear of hate Almost like the predator's feeding Consolidating every man's fate Oh venerable ancestors Please grant me with my pagan fest I'm equal to my human contester May it be a fight for all the best Would the few of us ever accept A moral that is slightly trite? A sun that never sets is still being bright Small pieces of heathen soil can make any man's blood boil A violation of anything supreme has come into regularity in any scene Never condone the residue of human scald Boiling in water that is still cold A modern day heresy it would be in fact Just let me have my vile ritual intact