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The Teardrop Fall (Nahemah)

In the forest Where the green and sinister Luxuriance Engulfs the rays of light And climbing plants Scale the walls of fortresses Raced by the pass of centuries The old trunks remain inmutable Since the vassals Rendered hoamge to their lords During that misterious hour Where the frontiers Between night and day hides I found a neat and luminous presence Of sad feminine beauty Postrated on a huge stone Near a lake of eternal waters Where the souls sail and sink A cold and petreous tear Stands within is lime And the rain's ashes A maiden cries And there's no solace For such a deep sorrow She mourns the death of mankind She weeps for the lovelorn She weeps for the drowned men Drowned in the depths of this lake With no destiny Never to emerge An angel cries And there's no solace For such a deep sorrow Her tear falls And reflects over the waters Before crowning the lake With a diadem of shy waves Fallen tear from my angel