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Brighter Day (Jellyfish)

Strike the tent Unpop the paintbox And pack the carriages With the flesh freaks of fear At the beach we left them shell shocked Lining up the avenue In view of next year High steppin' like a brigade Down the block, Don't be shocked To hear somebody say Wake up, Doomsday! It's time to join the big parade. Come and march in time with the band Playing loud, fighting crowds To see the matinee (it's tailor made) Because it's gonna be a brighter day. For the seeker of thrills Behind the ferris wheels There's a man with one foot in the grave And one foot on a banana peel He's an actor of sorts Who sold himself too short So now he travels door to door Performing The real Death of a Salesman Oh my country, tears of thee How the circus makes the world Safe for anarchy In a cage with an uneasy chair Atop a merry go round He wears that clown crown. Can't you see that you can Come as you are, As you were If you prefer you can change (yes it can be arranged) When you come and join the big parade. But you can leave your baggage at home Don't you pack Don't look back Then you can truly say Goodbye highway That what then and this is nowadays. Come on you big shot, enjoy the rain Take a class in pumping blood into Those weathered veins And I bet You'd still come out as teacher's pet (I scream, you scream ) Cause when it comes to being watertight (you'll always be a plumber with a pipe dream) You wrote that book, you own the copyright. And clown costume I saw it hanging in the closet of Your elbow room. Ooh come and join the big parade Ooh it's gonna be a brighter day If you've had it up to here with what's real I'm here to tell you that it's no big deal Because it's not too late Oh, if you hurry up you can Come on and join the big charade. (Line up, shut up, clean up, and shave) 'Cause right behind you in the back of the fray Is a blade, he's a renegade Turning bullshit into marmalade Don't you know there's gonna be A heavy price to pay (Line up, shut up, clean up,Don't you know) For pushing all these clouds away Oh promised it would be It's bound to be a brighter day, It can't help but be a brighter day.