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Visions (Granian)

Down on the ocean, sure of my arrival, The waves are fallin', but i don't mind, Visions gone right to my head i try and break it down, What it means all this i've seen i've ot to understand Bang my head i keep thinking Although an empty cup i keep drinking Visions in my dreams are more real than they seem, Nothing heard but silence, put on a painted face, The island sun is beating down, beating down and so, Flower my imagination, accepted in denial, No inspiration, i'm out of, out of my mind Empty thoughts i keep thinking Pulled back down i keep sinking Visions in my dreams are more real than they seem Breakin' up, i can't believe it Stand back up, to be knocked over again Crashin' down, gonna drag you back to the back of the back Of the wrong line Blink a shade of color, the mist forces my eye To shut i can't open it yet i, an yet i'll try Silhouette of angel, whispers where i belong I ask her "Where?" she says look down, She's so soft, yet my ears they keep ringing, Don't believe keep blinking Visions in my dreams are more real than, more real than they seem