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Naming The Elephant (Cog)

Up out of bed, all again. Make up and mirrors, all again. Coffee and toast, all again. You're by your self, slipping away. Take two a day, all again. Get out of my way, all again. You're late for work, all again. Feels like this life's slipping away. Try to catch up, all again. Pray to your god, all again. Nobody's home, all again. Now off to war, slipping away. Six 'till I'm off, all again. Pay off your debts, all again. Smash up you car, all again. Take things too far, slipping away. Slipping away our lives. Pick up the phone, all again. Set your alarm, all again. Switch on the box, all again. A show about cops, all again. The bread and the circus, all again. Again and again, all again. Come up for air, feels like this life slipping away. Slipping away our lives, all again. Much bigger than me, much bigger then you. There's only so much we can do. Slipping away. So long, I've been waiting.