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Legions Of The Dead (Saint)

Thunder striking a curse on the earth Down from the Heavens to those who deserve The scoffing vandals shall all fade away And stalk each other from nighttime till day A sea of people drown in their sleep Legions of the dead and the widows who weep The lakes have turned to blood And the mountains, they roar The victims think in their minds I've heard this some place before War and famine is all part of this wicked game Disease and hunger is jotting down your name Death defiers screaming God to blame Stones and fire will burn them up in flames But it all soon will end The wars already won And the legions of the dead their time has come Legions of the dead They dared to bow down and worship the beast He tells them when it's done We're gonna have a big feast But what they don't know So much to their surprise They're the ones for dinner With the beast and all his lies