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Plan Ii (Saint)

No mercy for the devil, no mercy for the foe The King shall wad him up, throw him away Then cast him to the rocks of never ending scald This shall all take place, sure as you hear me say He will burn the damned, He will burn the beast On that white throne day All will hear the cry, the evil one will die Forever shedding tears of pain Let's give glory to the King He conquered death and hell to set His children free, yeah Let's give glory to the King He cleansed us from our sins, He tasted death for all to see Disaster it controls, the hardened hearts of men Providing them with pride and despair But He's the King of all that lives and that breathes He's the Lord of Lords, His judgments are all fair On that final day He'll rise above the clouds All will see His wounds and sigh It's plain for all to see, He is the risen King He has the keys to death and hell attached on to His side Let's give glory to the King Now the devil hands are tied and none of us will have to die Let's give glory to the King!