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Primed And Ready (Saint)

The red of dawn is on the rise You know it comes as no surprise The earth quake came, the war are here The end of time is getting near Poison waters fill the land Are you ready for the last stand Armor up it's not too late To join the few to delegate "Primed and ready" The end of time is near "Someone's shouting" He's coming back for those who care Soon the earth will burn in flames And wickedness will stake it's claim What's to come out from the east The son of death, the mighty beast Sinful men will hear his cry On judgment day they all will die Evils got them by the tail And with their gods they'll burn in hell When it all has come to pass When the first have become last When evils lost the final fight To the King and all His might Memories will fade away The horrors of forgotten days Except the one who's chosen wrath He tasting death who's laughing last