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Úniková místnost Vlaková loupež

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The Path (Saint)

I am the false prophet in tribulation I'm seeking mighty goals and reputations I serve the prince of hell He's not forgotten And there so many fell And now they're rotten I search from town to town To drag who I can down Don't step in my path I've got you in my sights You can't escape me I've taken all your rights My mark will set you free Just let me brand your hide Assume my genocide I stand for all to see My mark makes you like me Be my device, I'll quickly kindle a fire Of wrath from my inferno And savor the lost, who have been tricked by me My anger rides high for those who've Escaped me up and through the sky Then have deprived me and Still there are some who won't bow down to me They serve another A God they can not see And keep on running from my Raging terror to be My satisfaction won't be fulfilled They must fall down to me Or I'll have them killed Don't step in my path