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The Reaper (Saint)

Are you worried about the evil wars Are you worried about the times Have you seen Israel and Egypt go They've drawn it to the line The world we're living in today It's getting down and out I can't walk the streets at night I want to scream and shout Here comes the Reaper! The Reaper flies across the sky He's coming to the earth The prophet's lying in the street He's giving them new birth He's blasting down the face of man The wicked they are doomed The rocks are falling on their heads Can't you see the bloody gloom Here comes the Reaper! The Reaper opens another seal Oh yes, there's more to come The bee that fly with human face They've got you on the run I hope you haven't got that mark They'll soon be chasing you They're stinging everything in sight Do you know what you're going to do? Here comes the Reaper! Oh fear the Reaper now my friend You still have time to turn Don't listen to what the devil says He wants us all to burn He tells you lies and fills your mind With evil wicked things But let The Reaper come on in You'll find new life is what He brings Here comes the Reaper! You better fear His face Here comes the Reaper!