At The End Of The Bridge (Unicorn)

I met you this winder day. I came form a place faraway you gave me shelter and you held me warm. You have me a hand to hold. The strength and the will to grow old. When we were apart a day it felt like a year. Oh, won't you understand that the time of your life isn't coming again. No use to runaway. There is no use to stay and there is nothing to gain anymore. At the end of the bridge. The white sand is running through the hourglass. I am abandoning you. betraying the only one that was true. Now I've found aonther one to guard me and rock me to sleep. But it's your water in the tears that i weep... Oh, won't you understand... I send you my love through the stars in the sky. Because they shine over over me and they shine over you. You are a part of my heart and I miss you a lot. You remind me of things that I thought I'd forgot. Whatever I see I'm comparing with you but I must leave now my friend and explore something new. So I send you my love through the wind and the rain so that the sidewalks will know, that I will walk there again someday, someday. Understand me.... Music by Unicorn, Lyrics by Dan Swano