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Emotional Wasteland (Unicorn)

I wander the lonely sidewalks on the streets of wounded heart. Reality is gently pushed away. The echoes of your final words will never end in here. I wish that I could make them disappear. The parasite of broken dreams has found me and I'll die. I know who's got the cure, but I know she meant goodbye. Oh My, my emotional wasteland. All the warriors of my heart declared a war to fight the emptiness. Oh my. my emotional wasteland. all the citizens of my soul, let it flow and fill my heart again. Again. My battleship sets sails and goes where no man's ever been. There is no return this time I got to win. I travel places near and far where angels fear to tread. The way I live and how I feel like I'm already dead. I recall the happy years we had under the sun. But in the darkness where I am, all the happiness is gone. Oh My, My emotional wasteland... Music by Unicorn, Lyrics by Dan Swano