The Boy And The Impossible (Unicorn)

Prologue: Standing by your window Its so winterly outside. But the memories of summer is in my mind. I had to end the story and the feelings you denies. I couldn't stand the fact, I knew you lied. I have collected all the tears that you have made me cry. I had to let you tase them and lifeless you lie upon the ground where you once said that you could be mine. THer laughters and the promises was not your only sign in your eyes they told me more than words, a million words. I hear the darkness breath. Watching every step I take. The ight sky is so beautiful and bright. I wish that you could see it too. Now your the devil's daughter. I guess I am his brother in law. And you can tell your father I love like before. I only wanted to look into your eyes. I only wanted to give a second smile, the way you did before. With flowers in my hand I asked you to bring joy to my life. But you told me things I couldn't hear so the roses were replaced by a knife. Now your the devil's daughter... I only wanted to look into your eyes. I only wanted to give a second smile, the way did before. But now it's too late. I feel no remorse and I have no regrets. You closed open doors, oh I will never forget. I stole the lifelight from your eyes. I have pulled your soul out of its disguise. I put my jacket on your body because you're getting cold. You're still in my heart even though you left me behind. I am laying here beside you holding your hand. And finally you listen to what I have to say. I miss you already, it's been an hour alone. So verly lonely and I wish I had known that living without you isn't what it should be. Music by Unicorn, Lyrics by Dan Swano