Tense / Empty (Little Comets)

David David abrogate it Turning nurses into wine Your Barbour jacket missing dimple Beautifully combine Criminality pure and simple Drips from every trenchant sigh It’s like your tense and empty boys Were thatched by such design. You’ve been getting away with it all these years Putting backs in the corner making the most of all our fears You’ve been getting away with it night and day Hushing backs into corners making the most of words to say. Every morning each a teacher Meets a certain type of fate The cut of cloth like slow elastic Bends until it breaks This early set resentment Can and will not settle down The words that drip from token lips Just amplify the sound. Don’t demonstrate with disregard Don’t live your life with dreams Of torment in your sullied heart Don’t give a kiss, don’t settle down If all you need, is to break a vow.