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No Cover Up (Duke Special)

Take a picture if it helps you sleep Then expose me as your royal creep For now I’ve torn it we are not the same There’s a sun that’s breaking through my window pane It’s burning up my face yes it’s doing it again No cover up No room for hiding No cover up My faith is sliding No cover up Just sharp reminding of the fake I was There are faces that we should not know There are places we’re not meant to go If you try to find me you will never win For behind each layer lies another skin I’d love to let you near me if you find a way in No cover up Just so much trouble No cover up I’m bent in double No cover up Just wreck and rubble of the person I was I am broken and I stand accused Is there someone who can let me loose If you find the answer make a careful note I could use you pardon and a lot of hope I’m getting to that part at the end of the rope No cover up I feel the burning No cover up Nor time for turning No cover up I hope I’m learning some honesty Some honesty