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Dispatch (Chemical Vocation)

Dispatch Now for the freakshowdown, an hollow end Came to see me break down for what itґs worth. Now for the last words we never said, Iґm losing my voice in this fearful fight ... and I hope to shape this into a better life. To feel again, this dreadful pain is wrong. ... yeah I hope, I wrote down the last lines of this life. Could be wrong, But I guess itґs worth a try. I see it for the first time, (sick mind comes clean) Feel torn by the mess. Come and break me down now for what itґs worth. Manufactured good times, but I feel like home. Feel destined for that hysteric last way out. Iґm living by your rules. (Iґd write a thousand pages) To be free You where to strong for me With moral indecision & pure desperation I wrote an end to a nightfall imagination I felt the season change the lives of the unwanted The leaves scattered as my smiling eyes started to bleed in confirmation. This was the end. Maybe not the disregard of thousend bleeding memories Cause this story seems to fade. Too beautiful to be true. Too beautiful to be true.