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Legends (Company Flow)

Whole lot of chumps turning hard on the radio (4X) The legends, go on back, my style is bizarre Course through my blood of course For the crews that was and the crews who would be Vainglorious Denomination of commonly monstrous caution blow the unit's sensation Fucking with your theology like Darwinism in the Bible Belt When I felt demagogueous, bogus spit kill abolish You haven't heard the foggiest f**king fact About L dash Hubbard uncorrupted Hovering above the gun was obstructed Missed me just as I constructed The facet of the fire was friendly as instructed I'm not trying to get flighty eight hundred Homosexual emcees receive five mics A bizarre world, where Co Flow is the new pop sensation With heavy Hot 97 rotation Call 'em as I smell 'em, the jooks that shook tell 'em 3-2-1 contact I'm blessed, definitively not wack I got it made, you fight to march in the St. Patrick's Day parade Called what I thought I thought not the candle Spill another seed snip vasectomy (ow) How hard can that erection be now? They hit me before the case go to trial Twelve monkeys in a box without a witness to the style If monkeys on the cock were delicious non stop Aggravated hemorrhoids burn like TNT the efficient weed crops Independent as f**k as all senses You don't apply to my beautiful arrangment (sorry) I can range from cop killer to rapist to presidential assassin if I chose Simply for the sake of the derangement, but I don't And for the specs on my non-technologic pre-produce for lessons The tune carress tunes of the legends Exhume carcass to mark hits it's my honor For any cold reverse to turn loose on my brethren Justify my simple m.o. with some loving Utmost closed circuit Forced to tickle Elmo till he pissed in his little britches (Oh, stop) My troop talking to them as fierce may appear to act together Considerately hitting these switches Left side directs pestilence to these skies as dialects Right side locates and entertains the nearest clitoris Soul blade the hoes froze tyrants Closed to ultra-violence design bent, disrupted the alignment I brought on the napalm program the gas context Consumption people they expect it Caffeine machine, MSG Fluorocarbons, monoxides, perspective sets you free It's a voice soon El sets a trend Comply with exacto and cut for most tips I'm El-Producto, smoke a bong lies well Tribe of conspirators wants to infiltrate this My personal reflection on these legends got to be For the legends Any rapper on a label should resign and quit (4X) Take it back to kicking real shit (5X)