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Simple (Company Flow)

* send corrections to this typist I'm wild with a dosage character closely cut from a fabric that's ferocious with a misanthropes motive and a quote that drips from a slit throat livid and sickly corroded, f**k it I'm precocious first fraud to get soaked equals the joke that stands closest tear the thugs up with clubs before the toast leaves their holsters purvey the unconveyed for the age of the no hopers and never shut the f**k up till we have a sense of closure dissonant key, shines blind while I'm landing well I've lost friends to death and simple misunderstandings every breath is a zone, isolated and accident prone, christ... maybe I'm designed to live alone '99 will be remembered as the time that shit cluttered my dome so in 2000 when you talk to me (blah blah blah) just watch your f**king tone some people think they know me 'cause they play me in their home and lose perspective on the rules of engagement get smacked to the pavement if the tune bruise hard, that's my whole job fufillment so before your suck box squawks that smart thought...try to kill or space ghost might spit on you, we're tight like that...teammates been through too much shit to turn away now, no debate I'm wild with a dosage, maybe something similar to the substances that threw some of my best friends out of focus who holds the vein contains poppy juice, notice the same strains that take away our pain might croak us 88, eighth grade, weighs in with a grin smoking bones in tompkins park where all the crack heads lived it was me and my friend jon and a bag without skins so we emptied out a cigarette and stuffed that shit in way before The paincave made itself known, that's what we did like running around downtown brooklyn getting chased by the big kids now as a man I don't run much, still have the same click that very few people I meet in this world can measure up with simple words can do work versus complexidus bids plus a rhyme style without emotion isn't telling me shit this portion of the broadcast is adjourned with a dark tint now I've got razor blades in my throat and I don't mind it one bit from the women I've loved down to the clubs that I've ripped I dedicate my strange ways from in this maze that I sit yes, ladies and gentlemen, can you escape from...drum roll please.... The paincave The paincave The paincave The paincave The paincave The paincave The paincave The paincave