Vital Nerve (Company Flow)

Intro/chorus: Soon you'll see As I flow fluently to frequently, another mc Will drop off the face of this earth, for what it's worth I've been the nastiest, one since birth "new york is number one today in the house!" [el-p] I'll do the simple shit, strike harder than hoffa El the maladjusted mc, funcrusher Massive, a sign for my condition automatic Goldstar connect thoughts get jostled at your position Listen, abort mission without further discussion Dual personality, half me ? Doc jekyll when I burn your paragraph down to a haiku So tootsie roll motherf**k back to your seat cause I don't like you I got a hundred beats, all nicer than your joint Karaoke mc's need not receive g's that's the whole point Be out within the crowd get open like herpes simplex sores On vexed pussy found that I put more crush, on crews than jets You're just that simple plus overfronted -- but that's the status Cold caught my shit you better not sit, so stop the madness With hip-hop guidelines I state I never liked authority When sales control stats I place no faith in the majority Chorus Auto, matic, just for my people Auto, matic, just for my crew Auto, matic if you're wack then you'll get Knocked out of the box and you'll deserve it too "new york is number one today in the house!" [el-p] I analyze, people call me el so son catch it Mc's be disillusioned as hell, them can't hack it I'ma knock you out your tax bracket Slipped into the wrong hands, the mental barbarian Stay-freshed in ziplock, money plot hatcher How the f**k you gonna bring a go-cart to the grand prix hee hee Laughter, enter for irreconcilable disaster I'ma protect mine like a japanese fighting sticks master Aim, pierce your vital nerve, the bloody conquest Rappers they be like ? bro, I sunk your battleship Ultra-magneto, burnin pee burns my credo Mad men cry like when you realize you got a shirt full of infrared dots Plus I'm scopin at this bitch, be prepared for the mental headshots When the coflow leave the room, we takin mics bitches and boom (the incredible bms...) [bms] Now the mint and governor get paid, collectin off raids All the cash that was made from a brother, new york undercover Don't love her, still I'm superhun Rhyme styles monstrosities, fools never stoppin me I swat mc's quite easily, dunn Imitate styles most complain you can't begin to express Elevate off this, nine times to your brain Makes your mind manifest, shit's hopeless Stop stop the nonsense, this could not accomplish Low pro interactive, go open carsnatchin Coflow, by all means necessary packin rhymes is automatic Check the barrel circumfrence who done it, confirm it sewers done run it Bms just a killer plus serial But still ill and sugarhill, to the fullest extent Tactic g represent, c-4 blowin up Like the doors and this president (dead, presidents) Chorus Auto, matic, just for my people Auto, matic, just for my crew Auto, matic if you're wack then you'll get Knocked out of the box and you'll deserve it too [el-p] I'm gettin fresh for my freeform All hold heart rocks down when I'm turnin veterans to greenhorn Beat it, make a bee-line, be lax or you'll be outed Spit words that's really cold, pinchin lymph nodes, el The inconvenience to your master plan fell, your shit's abyssmal Decimal point, zero for the judge burnin rhyme books Fuck basic, iambic pentameter just dissolves So I'll say f**k you suck your marrow like a chicken wing, from pluck you Location I'll rock like zeke, calamity What's your composure, shoot sex like vanity it's over Done it again brainstorm slice in your direction Cut the belly of your block open over to c-section Death callin one, for the dysfunctional son Trapped in my digital domain ... (the el to the p) Yo f**k rappers that freak a fable, phony will make them fall out Frequencies painful run em as sonar, coflow's the callout You're misaligned, I turn benign breaks into malignant Knock em out the box, capture they flag and kick they can in Badlands, live one down the information highway Write a rhyme in braille, send a f**kin battle to your e-mail Yes once again empty mc's we have had here for those Fortune enough to feel this, blessed number one ichiban Numero uno crew -- track runner stun gunner plus vocal Freak show performance Company flow rockin shit from the intro to the outro Nevertheless I must digress for the master The walking freshfest mc's pure when in soil Yet shallow when the bank roll The independant representation of what mc's can and should be Judge prosecution defendant and jury "new york... new york... new york... new york... New york is number one today in the house!"