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Beyond the Gates (Possessed)

I bow to the altar, For I bow to my faith. Guide me to my destiny With everlasting grace. Unholy are my thoughts, In you I must confide, I prowl among the nights, With Satan at my side. Bow to the altar, The pagan one, Pray for the birth, Of Belial's son. Beyond the gates. Lucifer, hear me I pray to the altar. I hear the sounds of insanity. Master, I drink the unholy water, Save me the torment that beckons for me. Walk through illusions of terror to come. And I could tell you of things I have done, I saw the gates. The future I've grasped. I've been beyond Gates of the past. Unearthed the graves of all mankind. Beyond dead and buried, Enter the shrine, Condemned to the torture. The horror and pain. Enslaved by your sins, Brought under death's reign. Lucifer, see me, I live for the night, Stalking and prowling in the moonlight, I crave the unholy temple below, Spreading the tales of death that I know.