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Death Metal (Possessed)

Arise from the dead Attack from the grave The killing won't stop 'til first light We'll bring you to hell Because we want to enslave Your soul will be frozen with fright We'll break through the crust Leave from our crypts Protected by eternal life Lay down the laws From our satanic scripts Bringing you nothing but strife Death Metal Death Metal Ruling your cities Controlling your towns Entrapped in your worst nightmare Piercing your ears With a horrible sound Casting my elusive stare Lucifer laughs His needs are fulfilled The flames are now burning hot Bodies are burning The people are killed Torture the reason we fought Death Metal Death Metal Kill them pigs Now we take over And rule by Death Metal Enjoy our long-waited reign Blood's what we want And we won't settle Until we drive you insane Attacking the young, Killing the old Bleeding with every heartbeat Darkness has fallen And your soul is sold Claws will dig into your meat When the sun doesn't rise And the day is like night Know that your life is at its end Rendered helpless So scream out in fright Death Metal came in the wind Death Metal Death Metal