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Holy Hell (Possessed)

Holy Hell, death to us Satan's fell, unholy lust Devil's water starts to flood God is slaughtered, drink his blood Our bonding, trust is at hand Go we must, to Satan's land Pray for death, and cry for life Reaper's breath will breathe new life Satan's child, he is born And to death he is sworn Days of hate, and days of pain Endless term of Satan's reign Endless dreams, in the night Eternal sleep, eternal fright Defiled crosses, oh black mass Satan's reigns, me at last All of Heaven, all of earth You'll meet your god Chained to torment, chained to pain Like a dog Evil days and evil nights Are black as death Hearts of sinners, hearts of stone Reaper's breath There was blood and there was pain Ecstacy Rage of magic, rage of witches Sorcery Feel the power, feel the heat Down Below Kill the people, kill them dead Take their soul Blackened masses, blackened crosses Ritual Cut the heads, cut the throats Take the fall