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No Will to Live (Possessed)

Mutants from the battle Suruivors of the blast Lighting fills the sky To day will be last Blood stains on the earth As the night emits its shadow No hope of rebirth From the final battle No will to live, so set me free From this pain & misery There's no days to pass No tomorrow here Next breath is you last And no time for fear Death is in the air And thunder in the skies Shildren is despair But his blade you die Wear a robe of death Stand around the fire Steaming is you breath Worshipping the sire Satan's call is strong From a world away Tempt you with his eyes And you will decay No will to live, so set me free From this pain & misery Blood runs from my throat Razor in my hand Ended with a slice All the blood is nice Hanging by a rope Wrapped around my neck End my life with death Murder on my breath Drink the blood from my chalice Come to hell & my palace Grab you heart It's in my hand Take you to the evil land Alone at night In your grave Coffin's door is your slave Blackened earth is all arround Below, I hear a burning sound What could it be except for hell? Burning souls is what I smell Can't suffice So pay the price Give your soul Take the toll Die... Bleed for me Your death, so sweet Die for me You'll feel the heat I'm real as the earth Can you feel Satan's birth? In the night the undead roam In the day, you dead in your home You can live only by death Worship Satan with the rest Burning bodies fall from the sky Horrid glances in thir eyes Glowing numbers on their heads They've arrived, the living death