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Twisted Minds (Possessed)

Twisting my mind, insane Ripping our your brain, you're slain Grieving the sunset, terror And your last breath is nearer Revenge Draining your soul out, bloodless Awaiting the final sentence Grasping your last piece of mind Slip into madness, our kind Revenge Life is strange, it's one big game Live or dead, it's all the same Hidden secrets inside my head Decaying bodies, my blade is red Rotting world, so full of clones Sickening feeling inside my bones Madness creeps up from behind Sanity is drained, my state of mind Mentally insane Maladjusted minds Lunacy within Evil twisted minds Cast my wishes from the grave Below the Earth, my body enslaved Cults of people down in Hell Skulls are splitting from their spell Forgotten souls arise at night Rule the world with unchallenged might The sun sets into the sea of blood Chanting Satan as they drone Mentally insane Maladjusted minds Lunacy within Evil fucking minds