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Why Do You Cry (Tyketto)

One night my girl got restless, said "We never go out no more" I said, "I work too hard for dancing", said she didn't and slammed the door That girl she done me murder, and her getaway was clean I wonder why did she cry, when it's me that's getting mean? I swore I wouldn't follow, but my pride got the best of me When I found her in his arms, they were all that I could see Now some say love is blind, it must be crazy from the heat Tell me why do you cry, when it's him lying in the street? Tell me now why do you cry? Baby, what can the matter be? Was that teardrop in your eye just for me? Tell me now why do you cry? Ain't you got what you waited for? You can cry out your eyes alone, forevermore Yeah yeah yeah, mmmmm Looks like the sky is falling, falling down on me I'm like Adam caught red handed, right beneath that old apple tree Now she got what she wanted, and I got ten to life Tell me why do you cry, when it's me holding the knife? Meanwhile, I was still thinkin'