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Love Never Sleeps (Overstreet Paul)

There have been times when we went to bed Hurting from things I wish we hadn't have said Closing our eyes and feeling alone Falling to sleep so tired we couldn't go on Only to find when we woke up While we slept love kept its hand on both of us Love never sleeps it's constantly at work Healing where we hurt and being our hero we know Love is always at its best it never gives us less To keep us from defeat and love won't ever sleep But most of the time we do real good Treating each other the way that we should And riding the waves of the good times that come Sharing the laughter and sharing the fun And even then love's at our side I don't know what we'd ever do if we lost our faithful guide Love never sleeps it's constantly at work... Love never sleeps it's constantly at work... It's constantly at work...