Creepy People (Victims Family)

"Far out" he said, "I see yellow, green, and blue and red. Spiders Crawlin' up the wall, rivers of blood flowin' down the hall. Turn it Upside down and ram it in the ground, the secret of yer mind control I've found. I'll twist you and me with sex and LSD, killing piggies just To set them free." "I'll be baby Jesus now, I have no more sacred cows. Don't be Frightened, don't be scared, Charlie (God) is everwhere." Creepy people smile and creepy people lie and creepy people seep Into your life. Creepy darkened eyes cry creeky little cries, stinking, Have to shoo away the flies. Jimmy Gordon, Jimmy dread, mommy's voice inside his head. Superego like a squid, Jimmy listened to his id. "Jimmy yer not well, yer gonna go to H-E-double hockeysticks, yer Time has come but only time will tell. Now you play yer drums, look Shabby like a bum, yer just a lowdown nothin' stickin' scum." He knocked upon her door, not gonna take no more. Not gonna make Him feel like a reject, over the head with a blunt object, but I object. Creepy people are everywhere.