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Instant Gratification (Victims Family)

Instant gratification, just add water. Instant gratification, bring it to boil. I want it now, all of it, every last single solitary bit. Instant gratification isn't quick enough. ---------------------------------------------------- Mind you After inventing the fire and the wheel, mankind neede something Else to steal. Fire and wheel fused together as one, come on people Lets go have some fun. The sun won't shine 'cause the sky turned Gray, and nothing seems to grow in the acid rain, the river's gone Dead bit I couldn't care less, 'cause the spoiled little boy won't Clean up his mess. Millions of years went by covered by shifting Sands, dinosaurs decomposed, dinosaurs lay there froze, in the Earth that they once ruled, the turned into fossil fuel, consumed By the fossil fools, I'm starting to learn about nature's rules. Are we To believe the remains we'll leave will become fossil fuel for some New fossil fools?