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Me Vs. Everything (Victims Family)

I'm a Don Quixote fuckin' windmill fightin' dude I can't understand all of the things I see you do Oh your brain is full of sludge; religion and TV I'm against you doughnuts and your food from KFC I'm hiding in the stretchmarks on Rush Limbaugh's butt Why does everything you believe make me just wanna go Nuts? Now I understand why people wanna buy a gun To pick off people randomly from shopping center roofs It's me against the world and the world is going down I couldn't give a shit about the people in your town I'm killing all your cops with my electric guitar And I'm driving on the wrong side of the road when I steal Your car. I cry, I bleed, I shit, I sneeze, I write, I read, I can't believe Lies you believe so constantly and thoughtlessly Hypocrisy and lies. Everywhere I look I see a zombie with a gun Demanding a rematch for all the battles they haven't won I've got atomic bombs to blow you the fuck outta here I see another zombie everytime I look in the mirror Me vs. everything