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Powertrip (Victims Family)

We've got money, power and hundred story towers Greedy politicians when they see us start to cower Third world sweatshop workers making fifteen cents an Hour Welcome to the trickle-down economic golden shower Where we're doing as we damn well please So we can live a fat life of ease, somehow something's Missing We're doing as we damn well please so we can live a fat Life of ease Somehow something's missing while we're pissing on you We need more power in the street to knock you off your Feet So you don't get any big ideas or we'll send in the National Guard Power in the land to help you understand We just won't take no more send the army in to settle the Score. We've got preachers to plead for every last dime they need We sell you crack and speed and some band-aids when You bleed Campaign for law and order, fill you with fear and horror There's a guy with a sign that says he'll work for food on Every corner Well we're buying everything in your town so we can run it Right in to the ground, somehow something's missing Buying everything in your town so we can run it right into The ground And sell you back your pain as entertainment but we need More power ...